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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the elected leadership of the NYC-DSA city chapter. The co-chairs, treasurer, secretary, campaigns coordinator, membership coordinator, communications coordinator, and technology and tools coordinator are elected annually. The branch representatives are elected annually by their respective branches.

To contact the NYC-DSA Steering Committee, email

Jeremy Cohan,

Jeremy Cohan is the Steering Committee Representative for the North Brooklyn branch. Jeremy joined DSA in November 2016. He has been active in political education as a founder of the North Brooklyn Night School, in student organizing as a founder of the NYU and SVA YDSAs, and as a foot soldier for our electoral, healthcare, and housing campaigns. He is a professor of sociology at the School of Visual Arts, and is working on his book on neoliberal education reform and the 2012 Chicago teachers strike. He loves his cat Mimi – with whom he is bonding nonstop during this pandemic and his building’s rent strike – as well as literature, philosophy, and music.

Jaslin Kaur,

Jessica Macdonald,

Jess Macdonald joined DSA in early 2020 during the height of the chapter’s Bernie Sanders canvassing efforts. She helped as an organizer and volunteer on a number of campaigns, including the Julia Salazar 2020 re-election campaign, the 2020 Defund NYPD budget fight the 2021 city council races, and the 2022 Samy Olivares campaign. Most recently she was steering representative for the North Brooklyn branch.

Contact Jessica at

Nadia Schwartz Tykulsker,

Contact Nadia at

Jack Gross,
Campaigns Coordinator

Contact Jack at

Abhiyant Singh,
Membership Coordinator

Contact Abhiyant at

Kaarthika Thakker,
Communications Coordinator

Darren Goldner,
Technology and Tools Coordinator

Jazz Hooks,
Bronx/Upper Manhattan Branch Representative

Contact Jazz at

Eric Thor,
Queens Branch Representative

Yo sup it’s me Eric! I’m on the website! Let’s gooooo!

Contact Eric at

Isa Francisco,
Lower Manhattan Branch Representative

Contact Isa at

Erick Stoll,
North Brooklyn Branch Representative

Contact Erick at

Rachel Himes,
Central Brooklyn Branch Representative

Contact Rachel at

Jasmin Oppenheimer,
South Brooklyn Branch Representative

Contact Jasmin at

Marvin Gonzalez,
Labor Branch Representative

Contact Marvin at

Daniel Sapunkov,
Young Democratic Socialists of America Representative

Are you a student? Join YDSA and organize with us!

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