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For Immediate Release: June 16th, 2023

STATEMENT: NYC-DSA Stands in Solidarity with UPS Teamsters Authorizing a Strike by 97%

NEW YORK, N.Y. — NYC-DSA stands in solidarity with UPS Teamsters, who have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike by 97% as their contract fight escalates toward the August 1st expiration. 

Throughout the pandemic, UPS workers kept society running – UPS delivery and warehouse workers move 6% of the U.S. GDP, tens of billions of dollars, every day. Yet just last week, when New York City had the worst air quality in the world, management left NYC delivery and warehouse workers without guidance and proper protections. This is just the latest in a long pattern of abuses. Their contract fight is about ensuring a livable wage, equal pay for equal work, and safe and dignified conditions on the job. 

UPS Teamsters are demanding significant pay increases for part-timers to $25 an hour, elimination of two-tier wages for package-car drivers, the end to forced sixth day work weeks, equitable pension payouts across the country, an end to invasive driver-facing cameras, more holidays, and job security measures such as no subcontracting and gig workers. UPS reported a record profit for 2022 with a revenue of $100 billion, while UPS’s CEO Carol Tome makes 548 times UPS’s median worker. These essential workers generate immense value and keep our world running; their demands are the bare minimum.

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien has stated that UPS workers will strike on August 1 if they do not have a fair contract. As socialists, DSA wholeheartedly supports  UPS Teamsters in the fight for the contract they deserve. We are ready to stand on the picket line if they decide to strike for their just demands. And we are not waiting until August 1st to support the struggle — join us at our solidarity fundraiser on June 23rd. RSVP at


ABOUT NYC-DSA: New York City Democratic Socialists is the local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America—the largest socialist organization in the United States with over 85,000 members. NYC-DSA is run by its 6,000+ members and activists who are working together to build a democratic socialist organization in the five boroughs.