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Political Education

NYC DSA Citywide Political Education aims to connect the history and theory of socialist struggle with the work of present day activists and organizers. It offers rigorous but accessible programming, including a regular night school, panels on current events, reading groups, and more, to help membership develop their political understanding and strategy.

Night School sessions are comprised of a presentation and overview of the topic at hand, followed by discussion as a group, in smaller breakout sessions, or both, to facilitate deeper conversation and understanding of the material and to bring analysis to bear on present-day realities. 

Watch previous NYC DSA Citywide Political Education sessions and events here


New York City, which thinks of itself as the greatest city in the world, is a site of contradictions: exploitation and rebellion, wealth and poverty, power and resistance. This eight-session course, meeting every other week, will chart the city’s radical history from precolonial times to the present, and enduring themes of class conflict, housing, immigration, internationalism, labor, a long thread of socialist agitation, and the constant resistance of the ruling class to any assertions of popular power.
Join DSA political education in exploring our city’s history, and how we can remake it.

Socialists of New York City Spring

February 20–May 28, 2024

Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth

Sundays, February 25–March 24, 1–2:30pm
Williamsburg, Brooklyn; address at RSVP

Frantz Fanon's the Wretched of the Earth

Tax the Rich – Everywhere!

Join DSA’s International Committee and NYC DSA’s Citywide Political Education to learn how global tax justice could be a tool for reparations and climate justice. 

The focus of this series will be understanding the global tax system – how it is structured to reinforce patterns of colonial exploitation and imperialism, how tax abuse imperils development and climate goals, and how social movements across the world are responding to this challenge. There will be an emphasis on understanding the role of the U.S. in setting up and maintaining the global tax system and what can be done to contest and transform this unjust system.

This three-part education series, developed by the DSA International Committee, will be held online with an option to participate in person at the People’s Forum in Manhattan, New York. Session breakdown below. RSVP and more information here.

Session 1 – How the Global Tax System (Doesn’t) Work
Saturday, February 24, 2–4pm ET (11am–1pm PT)

Session 2 – Tax Justice for Reparations
Saturday March 23, 10am–12pm ET (7–9am PT)

Session 3 – The US and the Global Tax System
Saturday. April 27, 2-4pm ET (11am-1pm PT)