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Vote on April 2 Submit a Blank Ballot for Palestine!
Why are we doing it? Palestinians are facing famine, disease, displacement, and constant bombardment from Israel - all backed by our tax dollars. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have voted uncommitted in solidarity, shaking the Democratic establishment. Now it's time for NY to make our voice heard: working people do not support genocide!
Why are we doing it? We use elections to challenge the status quo, and YOUR VOTE MATTERS. NY's Democratic primary is April 2, with early voting starting March 23. Vote to tell Biden: we demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and an end to military support for Israel. Here's How:
NY has no uncommitted or write-in option on the ballot. But blank ballots are counted When you pick up your ballot, do not mark it - go straight to the voting machine. When you scan your ballot, you will be asked if you're sure you want to submit it blank. Select "Cast Blank Ballot". If voting absentee, leave your ballot blank, place it in the envelope, and sign the envelope to return it.

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