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women holding a large rose

Free Abortion.
On Demand.
Without Apology

To protect our bodies and our democracy, we must organize to take mass action.

Democracy is the answer. Mass movements are the answer. Politics from the bottom up is the answer. We pledge to be in the streets, because who knows what the undemocratic Supreme Court will overturn next. Only solidarity will save us.

We demand federal legislation to protect abortion as a human right. We demand that the Senate abolish the filibuster if needed to do so.

Sign, share, and join us in fighting back against these attacks. Free abortion on demand and without apology.


Donate to an Abortion Fund

Consider making a donation to an Abortion Fund. Abortion Funds provide funds for procedures, abortion pills, emotional support, travel and accommodation, as well as support overcoming any obstacles people might face while trying to get an abortion. You can find a list of abortion funds here.

Secure the Right to Choose In New York

Help us pass these bills in New York to secure the right to choose in our state. Stay connected with us and get updates on how you can contribute by signing up here.

  • S8778, which protects legal abortion providers by prohibiting law enforcement from cooperating with out-of-state investigations related to abortion,
  • S757, which establishes a state fund for abortion access and allows New Yorkers to contribute to the fund through their income tax returns,
  • S7002, which requires that all private insurance plans in New York that offer maternity care coverage also cover abortion care.
  • The New York Health Act (S5474/A6058), which would provide free at point of use universal healthcare coverage to all New Yorkers and those working full-time in the state, including for all reproductive health.

Are you a healthcare worker? Join DSA’s Health Workers Collective

The DSA Health Workers Collective (HWC) organizes workers in healthcare, regardless of discipline, around the struggle for a health system that values workers and patients over profits. In order to win the transformative changes that we need in healthcare, we need a strong and coordinated network of workers in the healthcare industry ready to take action—from demanding Medicare For All to fighting for reproductive rights. We partner with existing unions to build a base in our workplaces as a strategic site of struggle, where we can exercise the enormous power of our labor if we take action in unison.